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Mesh Head Studio Free ver.

Female-windows ver. 1.6
Female-Mac ver. 1.6
(Updated : Oct. 10, 2016)

Male-windows ver. 1.6
Male-Mac ver. 1.6
(Updated : Oct. 10, 2016)

You cannot export Collada file with free ver.

Skin texture samples

Female head skin (PSD)
Female upper body skin (TGA)
Female Lower body skin (TGA)
Eyelash texture (TGA)
EyelashUV (TGA)

Male head skin (PSD)
Male upper body skin (TGA)
Male Lower body skin (TGA)

Neck seam concealer texture sample
Please refer this page for how to create neck texture by yourself.

NeckAlpha (PNG)

Female Neck Ring texture (TGA)
Male Neck Ring texture (TGA)

DAE files for Neck Seam Concealer


DAE files for rigged ear