Welcome to Mesh Head Studio Website

Mesh Head Studio is a software that allows you to build custom mesh heads suitable for Second Life without any 3D modeling skill !
It works right in the browser and anyone can use it for free of charge.

You can modify the mesh head using a familiar shape slider system and export Collada (.dae) file ready to upload into Second Life.

How to Use

Instructions for uploading the head can be found here.

Link To Mesh Head Studio

The app is still under development and in early beta stage.
Please try it with your own risk from the link here.


Material you need to complete the Head.
Right click the link and save.

Eyelash Texture (poor quality, need help!).
Ear 3D model (very simple one... better buy one somewhere else).
Rigged Ear

App Improvement

I understand my app still has a lot to improve.
If you are willing to contribute, please let me know.

I especially need help on;
 -Improving eyelash texture.
 -Adding tongue (Yes, the head has no tongue yet!).
 -Adding nice 3D teeth.
 -Creating documentation or video tutorial.

Share Your Work!

Please share the image of your head in Flickr!