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Neck Seam Concealer

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Now you complete your head and body skin textures, let's upload them and apply to the mesh head.
don't forget to change the skin textures of your second life "Skin"  so that the color of head maches to the body as well.


Looks Great!! ....except for one part, the neck.
You still need to replace the texture for neck seam concealer.
In this section, I'll show you how to make the texture.

First, save this image named "NeckAlpha.png"

Next, open your upper body texture.
If your upper body texture still has multiple layers, flatted image to just one background.
In Photoshop, open "Channels" tab and create new alpha layer.


Select created Alpha Layer and copy&Paste NeckAlpha.png to the layer.


This time, save the file WITH ALPHA LAYER.
i.e. save the file as TGA32bit or as PNG.

When you upload the texture to SL, it should looks like this;

Almost completely transparent texture except the small part on top!
But its alright.
Apply this texture to NeckSeamConcealer.


Yey! Perfect!!

Sample neck concealer textures can be downloaded from
this page.