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Take the complete mesh head and lashes from the ground.
Open your inventory and right click on models, select "Add".
For rigged mesh, it doesn't matter where you attach them to.
It always appear at the right place.

then, hide your "original" head by wearing alpha layer called "Mesh Head Alpha" which comes with your package.
Also wear matching skin in the package.


Eye positions doesn't seems right...
You'll need to adjust them by editing your Second Life Shape.

Right click on yourself and select "Edit My Shape".
In the Eyes tab, use "Eye Size", "Eye Spacing" and "Eye Depth" sliders to fit your eyeball in the head.
(If you are wearing prim eyes, detach them for now)


Also adjust "Head Size", "Neck Length" and "Neck Thickness" to balance head relative to the body.

Finally, wear "NeckSeamConcealer" in the package to blend the seam between mesh head and sl body.


(Left : without seam concealer    Right : with seam consealer)

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